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      What is a DC socket? What is the principle of a smart socket?

      For modern smart homes, smart sockets are an indispensable and important item in the family. Have you ever imagined that when you are still at work, if you can turn the air conditioner in your home ahead of time, you can enjoy the coolness when you come home How good should I feel. Next, let's take everyone to understand what is the principle of dc socket and smart socket.


      A.    What is a DC socket


      Principle of DC socket:

      1. The DC socket is a socket that matches the special power supply for computer monitors. It is composed of a horizontal socket, a vertical socket, an insulating base, a fork-shaped contact spring, and a directional keyway. Two fork-shaped contact springs are positioned at the center of the base. Arranged vertically and horizontally are not connected to each other.

      2. One end of the fork-shaped contact spring is a wiring port, which is exposed on the top surface of the base cylinder for connecting the input power cord or flexible cable. The other end of the fork-shaped contact spring is composed of two elastic arms interconnected by the base body, which is set in DC The plug is inserted into the socket of the insulated base in the direction to supply the computer monitor to make it work normally.


      DC socket specifications:

      1. Since the use of DC sockets varies according to different computer models, there are many specifications of dc sockets. The center pins of DC sockets are: 0.5mm, 0.7mm, 1.0mm, 1.1mm, 1.3mm, 1.65mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm , 3.0mm.

      2. The more common DC socket specifications are: 2.35*0.7TV DC plug, 3.0*0.1TV DC plug, 2.5*0.75TV DC plug, 3.5*1.1TV DC plug, 3.2*0.9TV DC plug, 4.0*0.7TV DC Plug, 4.75*1.7TV DC plug, 3.5*1.35TV, 2.0*0.6TV DC plug, 5.5*2.1TV DC plug, 6.5*3.0TV DC plug, 5.5*2.5TV DC plug.


      DC power socket wiring method:

      1. Wiring of DC power socket:

      Brown is the positive electrode and black is the negative electrode. Or the center of the socket is positive and the side of the socket is negative.

      2. Typical connection method of DC low voltage power plug:

      The typical connection method of the DC low-voltage power plug is that the outer shell is grounded, and the inner core is connected to the power input. As for the positive and negative terminals! It is determined by the circuit of the device. At present, most of the circuits are mainly composed of NPN polar components! The circuit is connected to the negative pole of the power supply as the common ground, so the DC interface of these electrical equipment The negative pole is the ground terminal, so the outer jacket of the power plug should be connected to the negative pole of the power supply! The inner core is connected to the positive pole.



      DC socket application type:

      1. Audio-visual products: MP3, MP4, DVD. Audio;

      2. Digital products: digital cameras, digital video cameras, etc.;

      3. Remote control: remote control for vehicles, rolling doors, home anti-theft products;

      4. Communication products: mobile phones, car phones, telephones, building equipment, PDAs, etc.;

      5. Household appliances: TVs, microwave ovens, rice cookers, electric fans, electronic body scales, electronic fat scales, electronic kitchen scales, etc.;

      6. Security products: video intercoms, monitors, etc.;

      7. Toys: electronic toys, etc.;

      8. Computer products: cameras, voice recorders, etc.;

      9. Fitness equipment: running machine, massage chair, etc.;

      10. Medical equipment: sphygmomanometer, clinical thermometer, hospital call system, etc.


      B.    What is the principle of smart socket



      The working principle of the smart socket:

      1. The smart socket is a new type of safety socket that integrates a programmable (PLC) automatic control safe energy-saving converter and an electrical appliance intelligent standby power-saving socket.

      2. Its working principle is: turn on the power by infrared induction, and the electrical appliance starts to be used normally. By embedding the smart IC chip in the socket to automatically detect the current change online, it can realize the standby and automatic power off after a period of time (30s, 5 minutes, 30 minutes, etc.), completely eliminating the standby energy consumption problem.

      3. In addition, the smart socket is equipped with lightning protection, high voltage protection, overload protection, and leakage protection functions. Smart sockets can automatically absorb lightning induced high voltage. If the lightning induced high voltage exceeds the range that the socket itself can absorb, the socket will automatically power off.

      4. The smart socket is set with a rated voltage of 220V, and the maximum withstand voltage is between 250V-265V. If the voltage exceeds this range, the power will be automatically cut off; the smart socket uses an electronic coil to monitor the live wire in real time. Once overload and leakage occur, the socket will automatically Power off.