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          Welcome to Accurate
          Welcome to Accurate
          The best choice for connector manufacturer
          The best choice for connector manufacturer
          Perfectly connect your life
          Perfectly connect your life
          Start your life
          Start your life
          Connecting the world, sharing the future
          Connecting the world, sharing the future

          Parts products

          Specializing in the production of all kinds of connectors、 switches、sockets.
          Connectors include USB、IEEE 1394、 HDMI, etc.
          Switches include TACT、ILLUMINATED、 PUSH、 SLIDE、 MICRO、 DIP, etc.
          The socket include DC power jack 、 Phone jack , etc.
          Complete in specifications
          Good quality
          Fast delivery
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          Connector PCB

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          Connector Solder

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          Consumer products

          Launch of action peripheral products based on consumer life experience and needs,
          Includes Docking Station、Hub、Converter、Charger、Cable、Adapter、KM Link、Card Reader、Switch, etc.
          Professional team
          Technological innovation
          Read More Docking Station

          Docking Station

          About Accurate

          Accurate Innotech Inc. was founded in New Taipei City, Taiwan in 2003, specialized in R & D design, manufacturing and sales of electronic component products and consumer electronics products.

          Parts products have various connectors、switch、jack(Socket). Connectors include USB Type-C、USB Type-A、USB Type-B、MICRO USB、MINI USB、IEEE 1394、HDMI, etc. Switches include TACT、ILLUMINATED、PUSH、SLIDE、MICRO、DIP, etc. The socket include DC power jack、2.5mm&3.5mm Phone jack , etc.

          Consumer products include docking station、Hub、Converter、Charger、Cable、Adapter、KM Link、Card Reader、Switch, etc.

          Accurate has passed international certifications such as ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system.

          At the same time, it also joined the USB-IF Association and obtained TID certification. The product is fully compliant with the RoHS directive and REACH regulations and other environmental protection requirements, and the introduction of halogen-free specifications.


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